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  Residential Centre

Fertility improvements using the latest bovine husbandry techniques, including repeat breeders.

The key to our great success is our custom built Defra/EU approved Residential Centre where our results speak for themselves. At the centre, our experienced team will look after each individual donor and as we get to know her we will design a programme to suit.

Timings of various treatments are key and the fact that we Artificially Inseminate the donor ourselves are all important factors, which determine our impressive results. We ensure that each donor has the correct EU qualified health status, ready for export within the EU and many other countries.

The Residential Centre has a reputation for producing spectacular results for Rare Breeds and difficult breeders. Keeping the rare gene pools going helps genetic diversity and we are proud to be part of the future survival of these precious animal breeds.

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Proven track record

Charolais Success
A Charolais breeder from near Bakewell, Derbyshire has a prize show cow that he could not get back in-calf for more than two years. Eventually she was sent to our EU/Defra approved Residential Centre where we were successful in collecting four embryos, which resulted in three pregnancies, and then she got in-calf afterwards.


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