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Embryo Collection

Protecting the future of your herd has never been so important. Embryo collection will act as an insurance policy for the future of your herd in the event of disease, bad calving or an accident taking out one of your prized cows. It can be carried out at our Residential Centre or On Farm and involves a simple step-by-step programme working alongside your own vet. On a given day we will visit and make a non-surgical collection, whereby the resultant embryos can be transferred immediately into synchronised recipients or frozen for future use.

Embryo Transfer Recipient

Using the latest transfer techniques this can be implemented On Farm or at our Residential Centre. This can be done either with your own recipients or you can purchase our quality recipients, vaccinated if required, and ready to go on programme.

Recipient Synchronisation

Recipient selection – Recipients are carefully selected, mainly Simmental, British Blues or Hereford dairy crosses are chosen. These breeds are selected for their docility and milkiness, while still offering a good crossing suckler cow after she has carried the embryo calf. Ideally they should be approximately 380 – 450kgs and a score 2.0 – 2.5 and about 17 – 22 months, to get the best results.

Vaccination and testing – Recipients are prepared to go on programme to the individual client’s demands i.e. vaccinated for IBR, Leptospirosis, BVD and some are Johne’s blood tested. They are also wormed and mineral drenched as a matter of routine.

Synchronisation process – They are then ready to go on programme to receive an embryo; this is done by Synchronisation. The recipient group will all be in season on a given day, and then seven days later the embryo will be implanted into them. Usually the recipients are synchronised to have the embryo transferred on the same day as the donor has undergone embryo collection, alternatively frozen embryos can be transferred, if preferred.

Importing/Exporting Embryos

A global market is now open to us, enabling us to independently Import/Export embryos. It is so much easier and more ethical to import and export embryos rather than live animals. It is also much more cost effective and opens up a global genetic resource to UK farmers.

Sale of Embryos and Genetic Sourcing

A World wide genetic gene pool is now freely available to UK Farmers, allowing us to access both native and continental breeds. Embryos can also be produced to meet your needs. As an independent company we are not tied to a large parent company or cooperatives’ products. This enables us to offer you the best global genetic gene pool to develop your dream herd.

Fertility Improvement

We have many years of experience in helping to solve various breeding problems, such as not seeing cows in heat to ones not holding their pregnancy. Our FREE advice service helps you maximise fertility results.

Key to our outstanding success rates is our Residential Centre where our results speak for themselves.

On Farm Service

A full On Farm service for both embryo collections and transfers as well as our fertility clinic are available throughout the UK.

Once the breeder has given us a full breeding history of the Donor, a programme is worked out to meet her individual needs. Then a simple step-by-step programme will be sent to the breeder and their Veterinary Surgeon to carry out the various treatments in order to super ovulate her. On the day of collection, Bovine Genetics will carry out the collection procedure and transfer the embryos into the synchronised recipients or freeze them for future use.

Pregnancy Scanning

Ultrasound scanning is offered to monitor the pregnancy. It can be used to determine foetal age and development.


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Proven track record

Problem Native Breeds
Some native breeds are known to be more problematic to “flush” but we have had good results from Shorthorns, Belted Galloways, Traditional Herefords, & Traditional Aberdeen Angus.

2010 – Suffolk County Show
The resultant stock of quite a few of the embryos that we have produced have turned out to be show winners and on some occasions even champions including Limousins as recently as June 2010 at the Suffolk County show.


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