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Embryos will be collected from the Donor cattle non- surgically, and either transferred direct to recipients employing a non-surgical technique, or frozen for later transfer, according to written prior arrangement.

Embryos surplus to the number of suitable recipients will be frozen. The suitability of the embryos for transfer or freezing will be determined by the E.T. Veterinary Team, whose decision in all aspects will be final.

All aspects of the programme will be under the control of a Veterinary.

On Farm – The programming will be carried out by the client’s Veterinary surgeon on the instructions from the E.T. Veterinary Team leader. It is important that the client informs their Veterinary surgeon of their intention to carry out Embryo Transfer work.

Donor Cattle

The Donor should come from a herd with a good breeding history, which is not under restriction for Brucellosis or Tuberculosis, and where there has been no evidence of EBL or BSE in the 3 years preceding the commencement of E.T. work.

It is the responsibility of the client to comply with the relevant Breed societies regulations governing embryo transfer, before embryo collection; including DNA testing.

A copy of the Donor Breed Society registration certificate and BCMS passport must be sent with the Donor for identification purposes.

A DNA certificate must also accompany her, if not included on the Breed society’s official registration certificate, for proof of parentage of progeny.

The cost of veterinary attention, other than care and treatment and administration of drugs under the embryo transfer programme, to be the responsibility of the client. Such care as shall be undertaken by other Veterinary surgeons and which the E.T. Team at its reasonable discretion shall consider necessary shall also be the responsibility of the client.

In the event of the client not being the owner of the Donor, he undertakes that he has the authorisation of the owner to submit the Donor for embryo collection, and he agrees to be responsible for payment of fees due.

If movement of cattle is restricted at the unit or any part thereof, by law, then we shall not be liable for any loss of sales of stock or embryos at home or for export or for loss of production. If restriction is imposed we shall still have the right to charge keep and veterinary attention where applicable and under no circumstances can be held negligent for any costs incurred by the owner.


It is the client’s responsibility to ensure that at least 4 – 5 straws of semen per collection from the service bull of choice are transferred directly to the Embryo centre or through Genus at Towcester for onward delivery to Stella Scholes at Bovine Genetics, Folly Fields Farm, Ladbroke Road, Bishops Itchington, Southam, CV47 2RP. The semen must be EU Certified; otherwise you must contact the centre and be advised. Semen must arrive at the Centre ten days prior to the collection date.

On Farm, again it is your responsibility to ensure that it gets to your local A.I. centre at least ten days prior to the collection date, as insemination takes place seven days prior to embryo collection.

(Please note that it often takes at least one month to move semen around).

The client is fully responsible for all semen transfer charges incurred through the A.I. centre; this will usually be invoiced directly by them.

Pregnancy Diagnosis

Recipients should be pregnancy diagnosed at 42 days pregnancy (i.e. 35 days after implant) or thereabouts.

All recipients should be isolated from all other bovines until pregnancy diagnosed, and kept away from any bull; all recipients should be kept on a rising plain of nutrition to help maintain a health pregnancy until eventual PD.


We shall be under no liability for ill health, infertility or injury or loss of health status to the Donor or recipient whilst in its custody or control, or in transit or any consequent loss or damage incurred thereafter however caused. The client should insure accordingly if he/she so desires.

We shall be under no liability for embryos held in store or in transit on behalf of a client, or for any consequential loss or damage after transfer and again he/she should insure accordingly.


Embryos will not be released for transfer by a third party until full payment of any outstanding accounts and costs relating to work done on those embryos has been received, including the release fee.


VAT will be levied at the standard rate where applicable.

Invoices will be sent out monthly for On Centre work, and settlement is due within 14 days of the invoice date. Recipients will be invoiced by pro-forma and paid for in advance of the purchase. When embryos are being sent to a third party, the release fee and all freight costs must be settled prior to despatch.

On Farm work is payable on the day.

Where appropriate, no property in or title to the goods/service shall pass from us to the client until all accounts have been settled in full. Embryos collected and or transferred will not be registered with the relevant Breed Society until such accounts are settled. (Resultant progeny cannot be registered with a society without certification, and some societies have time limits on E.T. Certificates being lodged, it’s your responsibility to comply.)

We reserve the right to amend the price list and the terms of business with immediate effect and without prior notice.


Acceptance of these terms is implied by arrival/commencement of the programme or treatments.

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